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Dunk a custom made Argentine champion

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Dunk a custom made Argentine champion
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  • The Brand Story
  • In the 1980s, Nike products began to make their way from the track and stadium to the homes of ordinary people (especially teenagers). Nike had to expand the appeal of its advertising without losing the traditional market of formal sports, and to do so Nike had to become as much a part of youth culture and a status symbol as Levi's, the leading brand of jeans. Fighting in two very different markets, and struggling to strike a balance between appealing to popular awareness and promoting athletic achievement, Nike is rethinking its advertising strategy.
  • In 1986, an advertisement promoting Nike's inflating insoles was a real breakthrough. In the advertisement, Nike adopted a new idea. Instead of using the usual method of promoting the technical performance and advantages of products, the famous song "Revolution" played by the famous Beatles, which represented and symbolized hippies, in the new rhythm and melody of rebellion, A group of Nike-wearing Americans are indulging in a fitness workout... This advertisement accurately catered to the emerging fitness movement of the wind of change and the new trend of The Times, let feel refreshing. Nike had previously used magazines as its main advertising medium to convey information about its products to competitors, but since then, television advertising has become Nike's main "spokesperson", which makes Nike's advertising more responsive to the new development of its product market.